The final week of being Miss Yezel

Does Mrs. add a couple of years to my age?

This is the final week that I can check single on all those surveys and forms. I think I’m in a totally mix of emotions here. At one second I am seriously that kid who can’t sleep because tomorrow is OH MY HECK CHRISTMAS. Give last night:

“Mr. Yezel, in one week we’ll be married already.”
“Yes we will sweetie!”
“I can’t sleep!”
“Go to bed or I’ll make London sleep on your head again.”
“That’s just torture. Plus, I think London will be happy she’s not a bastard doggie anymore.”
“No seriously, London told me she’s excited that her parents are finally getting married. She’s almost 35!”
“Seven times 5 is 35, Mr. Yezel.”
“She isn’t five until November. In dog years, she would be more like 33.5 right now.”

Besides being all excited. I’ve also randomly been bouncing around.

*bark* says London.
*bark bark (I don’t like the princess bride) bark*

And the worst emotion…crying for no reason at all.

*watching David Tutera on We tv*
“Oh my….*sniff*….I have to walk down the aisle. *tear* Dad is going to have to give me away. *more tears* How am I going to walk down the aisle and not bawl? *sniffles* How am I going to do the father daughter dance and not tear up?”

The best emotion…
“Mrs. Yezel.” says Mr. Yezel.
“Not yet.” I said.
“Nope, but I’m just excited that it’s finally here. It’s just around the corner.”

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