Hairy London


Today started in a sing-songy fashion. I created a song that I was singing to our dog London while I was packing my lunch for the day. (Sang to the tune of “On Top of Old Smokey” or as us scouts know, “On Top of Spaghetti”)

Oh, where is my Hair-y
Little Lo—uh-on-don.
Who’s become quiet smell-ey
And 10lbs heav-i-er

She’s getting groomed
Today she will smell
So-oh much better
And won’t look like hell

Her appointments at 9
In the mor-ning
After just an ho-ur
She’ll be fresh li-ke spring

(and then suddenly it switched to the theme of Lassie)

London, London, oh London
You will smell so clean!
You will feel so much better
10lb lighter is the dream!

Yes, and all the while, London wags her tail a mile a minute while I make a fool out of my singing abilities. I’ve learned that it works to pysch up the dog for her grooming appointments. She does fairly well but I bid that in strength to my psyching up the dog. I left for work, leaving the hubbz to take her to get groomed. For some reason, the hubbz decided to stay up til 4:00am this morning. And fell asleep moments after I woke him this morning as I left. Poor London is going to miss her grooming appointment. Sadly, I will have to break out my song and dance routine probably in another couple of weeks. Oh, but she will get excited again. Oh yes, she will.

Update, she was there for her appointment. Picture will be posted of none shaggy doggy.:-)

Update #2:

What a happy, little, London with her bandana.

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